1.Drink more water.  It is usually recommended to drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday and more if you’re exercising.  Our body is made of at least 73% water and the function of every cell, organ and especially our brain is fueled by water.  The less water we have, the slower our system moves and that includes our metabolism, so yes, drinking more water can help you lose weight.  Water can stop headaches as well as lethargicness.  Dark urine, cracked lips and dry skin can all be signs of dehydration.  One interesting fact to note is that obese people are almost always dehydrated.

2. Facial peels from an esthetician, are a great way to renew the skin at a deeper level than you can do with any at-home treatment.   Peels work at a chemical level to dissolve the dead skin cells, oils and sugars that keep them glued to the surface of the skin. After a peel, your skin should feel soft, hydrated, cleaner and firmer.  The pumpkin peel is my favorite for aging skin and I recommend a beta-hydroxy peel for congested skin.  The TCA or Jessner peel series work well for deeper anti-aging results.

3. Get more massages.  Most Americans get massaged infrequently and think of it only as a way to get away from the kids or they have to use up that gift certificate before next Christmas.  Massage should really be used for prevention of pain as well as pain reduction.  I recommend all different types of massages like Thai, hot stone, reflexology and Shiatsu.   Massage can increase circulation, drain lymph fluid, reduce stress and increase body movement.

4. Take a Pilates class to strengthen and stretch the body with emphasis on working the core and lower back.  Pilates will work wonders for anyone with back problems.  You can take a class that uses machines or not.  I prefer no machines so I can do the exercises at home.  Like yoga, Pilates is low on the cardio side, but don’t worry because you will burn calories and sweat.

5. Add a face oil to heal and hydrate skin in lieu of a heavy moisturizer or under a light moisturizer.  Good oils will absorb right into the skin, so it won’t feel greasy and you only need a few drops for the eyes, lips, face, neck and decollete.  Look for face oils or serums with meadowfoam oil, jojoba, primrose, sandalwood, rose and vitamin E..  These will absorb quickly and their anti-aging properties will leave your skin glowing, soft and supple.

6. Eat a high protein breakfast everyday.  A high protein based breakfast will keep you full and prevent the late afternoon crash that many people experience around 3pm.  Protein helps to regulate blood sugar better than carbohydrates and this is very important if you haven’t eaten since dinner the night before.  Protein pack your breakfast with eggs, grilled meat, protein shakes or protein based meal replacement shakes.

7. Drink more tea.  Tea has amazing health benefits and it’s very easy to start enjoying the benefits in the very first sip.  Teas are made from plants, herbs and dried fruits.  If you’re not a tea drinker, I suggest starting with a plain black tea or Earl Grey because those are two teas that you can add milk and sugar to, in order to trick yourself into enjoying it until you develop a taste.  Teas can tackle different health issues and green tea has the most health benefits.  Valerian and chamomile can help you sleep and dandelion can help release excess water.  Black tea stabilizes hormones and calms the mind.  Green tea alone is packed with antioxidants, boosts metabolism and energy as well as good for teeth and digestion. Tea has been proven to increase bone strength and heart health.  Considering coffee has very little health benefits, I recommend going to the nearest tea store and find your perfect healthy blend.


Here is the link to the Millennium Magazine article with the top 5 tips.