It’s time for the 2nd Annual, Beauty Buster Awards, bringing you some of the most effective beauty products on the market.  As a beauty consumer advocate, I take my title very seriously, so no companies paid to be involved with the awards, and I also excluded my own natural, Beauty Buster Skin Care line.  The 2013 awards were held in New York City and hosted by Lexington Plastic Surgeons.  This is also where Theresa Giudice accepted an award for her Milania-Youthful 8 Hair Collection, and was her first public appearance, less than 24 hours after her first court appearance.  Also in attendance to accept their awards, were executives from Xtreme Lashes, Shea Moisture, American Spa Magazine, and Dr. Michael Jones, as well as many beauty editors and top beauty bloggers.  Winners receive, the Beauty Buster Seal of Approval and this year, they are featured in Millennium Magazine.  Be sure to check out the listing in both November 2014 issues of

The awards are based on quality of ingredients, consumer reviews and of course, results.  The products are put into categories such as makeup, hair, skin, and nails.  Although there are many amazing products on the market, not all can be included and some categories like eye-shadows are consolidated under one brand.  Be sure to check out the 2013 winners as well as my book Spa Wars, which reveals first list of winners in 2011.


  1. Lipstick  – LTW Custom Cosmetics – Vegan, organic and gluten-free. A color for every woman and every mood. They feel amazing and really condition the lips, yet they’re long lasting. Custom blend your own color for a true match.  I have to admit, the leopard packaging does make me feel a little naughty when I apply it. Roarrr
  2. Eyshadow Primer – Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Lockdown – Easy to use, and acts as a primer as well as base for shadows to keep them in place all day with no creasing.
  3. Cream Liner – Makeup ForeverAqua Crème Water Proof Cream Color – Highly pigmented and easy to apply with an angle brush. Great colors.
  4. Mascara – Xtreme Volume – Get volume and definition with no fibers getting in your eyes and irritating them.  Impossible to clump and easy to remove.
  5. Eyeshadows – Inglot Cosmetics – Beautiful, highly pigmented colors that come ready to be put in a palatte for easy use and you only get the colors you want. Keep the shimmers and mattes separate.
  6. Blush – Laura Mercier – Bonne Mine Stick Face Color – I use a traditional blush brush to apply, but you can use your fingers to rub in the cream as well. Some colors can be used for just a highlight. Perfect for a dewy glow that is easy to apply
  7. Makeup Primer – Whip Hand Cosmetics – Set The Stage – Goes on easily, not greasy and provides a great base for makeup to stick to.
  8. Eyebrow Color – Cailyn – Gelux Eyebrow Cream – Perfect colors in a dense, long lasting, crème formula with a brush attached. Genius. Cailyn_Gelux_Eyebrow
  9. Mattify Dr. Brandt – Pores No More – Put this in any area that gets oily or has fine lines.  Use after moisturizer and again, only if you need to reapply on top of foundation. This stuff is amazing.

10. Makeup Remover Xtreme – Eye Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser – A water and aloe based remover that can double as a face wash. I like it because it does not leave a residue, not greasy and oil free.

11. Cream Foundation – RCMA – So many colors and undertones to choose from with very, very high pigment, so they’ll last a long time and can also be used as concealer.

12. Under Eye Highlighter – Senna Cosmetics – HD Eye Lift – Mineral pigments to instantly brighten, smooth fine lines and prevent concealer from creasing.

13. Airbrush Foundation – Temptu – SB Formula – I find this stays on all day and the colors are very true natural skin color with a fresh finish.

14. Liquid Foundation – Face Atelier – Ultra Foundation – Silicone based liquid that doesn’t crease or melt with light diffusers to give a flawless finish.

15. Powder Foundation – Visiora Powder – Can be used alone or over liquid foundation.  Gorgeous satin texture delivers a matte finish. Best when used with a brush not a sponge.

16. Brushes – Royal and Langnickel – Revolution Collection – Developed by Emmy Award winning artist, Kevin James Bennett. You WILL feel the difference upon first touch. Someone used it on me once and I grabbed their hand to see what it was, it was that noticeable. Take care of these babies and they’ll take care of you.

17. Concealer –  Laura Mercier – Secret Camouflage – Very dense and can be drying, so you might need to mix it with a little moisturizer or work through your fingers to warm it up. I love the 2 colors since most skin types have a few colors throughout the seasons. Highly pigmented so you need very little.

18. Eye Liner Pencil – Xtreme – Glideliners – A gel like pencil that goes on smoothly and can be smudged into the eye area to use as an eyeshadow. Once set, it’s smudge proof. Make sure you keep the cap on so it doesn’t dry out.

19. Lip Gloss LTW Custom Cosmetics – Patent Leather Custom Gloss – OMG, the shine is amazing.  You can customize it with anti-aging ingredients, sunscreen and flavor.

20. Nars Bronzing Powder – Natural colors, so you’re not orange. Pigmented, so you don’t need to use a lot to get the job done.  A very, very slight shimmer so you’re not a glittery mess – unless you’re from Jersey than dig right in!

royal langnickel revolution brushes




1. Dry ShampooLULU Organics – Hair Powder – This should be a part of every beauty emergency kit.  A quick way to clean hair with no harsh sulfates, talc or detergents, so no worries about your color fading from washing. Choose from a few scents to refresh your hair.

lulu organics HAIRPOWDER

2. Shampoo for Dry Hair – Shea Moisture – Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Includes coconut oil, shea butter, aloe and sulfate free. Don’t even need conditioner after washing.

3. Shampoo for Normal/Oily Hair – Herbalife – Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo – Sulfate and paraben free with a fresh scent. Cleans well but does not strip the hair which is hard to find.

4. TextureBumble & Bumble – Surf Spray – Salt infused water that will keep curls curly without frizzing and give straight hair some volume and movement.

5. Conditioner – K.Gatto – Moisture Conditioner – Restore dry, brittle hair with Argan oil, Sophora flavescens and coconut fatty acids to keep hair growing strong.

6. Curly Hair Styling Product – Sexy Hair – Curl Power Spray Foam – A light mousse that leaves hair curly not crunchy.

7. Leave- In Conditioner – Youthful 8 Total Vitamin Leave -n Conditioner  – Conditioner with 8 essential vitamins that your hair craves.  A noticeable difference for any hair type.

8. Hair Powder – Schwartzkopf Got2B, Powder’ful Volumising Hair Powder – A few sprinkles gives hair volume, staying power and life. Awesome for teasing.

9. Straightener – Sexy Hair – Smooth Encounter Cream – Leaves hair smooth and silky with no frizz on those humid days.

10. Hair mask – Shea Moisture – Yucca and Baobab Anti-Breakage Mask – Boabab Oil contains Vitamins A,C,D,E and F to repair thin, damaged hair.  Feels so luxurious.

11. Curl Reactivator – Sexy Hair – Curl Reactivator – Brings dry, flat or frizzy curls back to life. Spray, scrunch and go!

curl reactivator

12. Heat Protector – Youthful 8 – Keratin Heat Protector – A silk cream, that heals and protects your hair from damaging heat that breaks hair and creates frizz by using 8 repairing ingredients.

13. Shampoo for Thinning Hair – Portland General Store Apothecary – Thick Shampoo – No stripping ingredients, sulfates or parabens to strip hair and it’s even vegan.

shea moisture shampoo









1. Diosa – Spanish word for “Goddess” and you’ll feel like one with these hip and timeless colors.

2. Del Sol – Color Changing Polish – So much fun, all year round.  It goes on one color and changes to another in the sun. diosa nailSkin

1. Spf  KidsGlitter Tots – All natural, non-nano technology and still effective at preventing sun burns and kids love the glitter cream.

2. Spf  AdultsControl Corrective – Aroma Matte – Even if you’re not oily, you might be more so in the summer and I love using this as my moisturizer, so I don’t need to use two products.

3. ScrubDermalogica – Daily Microfoliant – This rice powder based scrub is amazing because it’s very gentle, yet effective. No scratching the skin or drying it out.

4. Anti-aging SerumControl Corrective – EGF Serum 30 – Fibroblasts , watermelon and cotton extract, oh my!

5. Cleanser Dry Skin– Control Corrective Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk – This aloe based, gentle cleanser is perfect for all skin types, even those that are oily.

6. Cleanser All Skin Types – Herbalife – Herbalife Skin, Soothing Aloe Cleanser – Aloe based gentle gel that is paraben and sulfate free. Skin will feel free from excess oil, but not stripped.

heralife skin aloe-cleanser-500x612


control corrective serum




7. Toner/Floral WatersEvan Healy – Facial Tonic Hydrosols – Restores pH, refreshes and hydrates all skin conditions.  Rose Generanium, is my favorite, but there are a few to address different skin types.

8. Powder Mask Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – Bentonite has a high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium to detox and heal. You can mix it with pure water, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, honey or avocado.

9. Creamy MaskHard Night Good Morning – Mineral Detox Mask – A creamy, clay mask for all skin types.  You ‘ll definitely feel a tingle and it’s the perfect pick-me-up before and after a hard night!  www,

10, Hyperpigmentation – Dr. Kassir – Derma Touch Stick – Rollerball technology allows you to target dark patches.  The serum won’t bleach your skin unevenly because it contains lactic, acid kojic acid, Vitamin C and hydroquinone.

11. Shaving – Portland General Store Apothecary – Alpine Shave Jelly – Innovative soothing gel formula with aloe, meadowfoam, bilberry and sugar.  Just as amazing for the bikini line as the face.

12. Lip Balm – Una Biologicals – All different flavors, organic and vegan to protect lips all year round.


1. Belle Lucce Manuka Honey Drizzle – Organic clover honey drizzle leaves the skin feeling like silk.  I’ve never used a body product with such immediate, and long lasting results. honey drizzle

2. Deodorant -Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant  AM Solid  – This is Jersey shore tested and a must have for hot, humid and long days.  The high percent of protection will leave you dry for up to 72 hours.

3.Soap – Thymes – Frasier Fir Soap – Smells amazing and doesn’t dry out the skin. The apricot seed powder makes you feel like you’re getting all the days grime off. They have different scents, but pine is my favorite.

4. Shower Gel – Herbalife – Herbal Aloe  Hand and Body Wash – I love the smell because it’s so clean and fresh. It’s paraben and sulfate free, so it keeps my skin smooth and hydrated. I also put it in my hand wash pump at my sink so my hands are clean, not stripped like they are with most washes.

5. Bug Repellent -Farmaesthetics – Organic Tansynella Bug Repellent Oil – Organic Tansy, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Essential Oils, Citronella, and Vitamin E – I love this because it smells so good, but also doesn’t choke you when you put it on like the chemical sprays.

6. Joints & Muscle Rub – Medicine of the PeopleSore Joint and Muscle Rub– Sore Joint line has a proprietary blend of organic Navajo herbs that I swear have a magical property that heals.

7. Scott Barnes – Body Bling – Formulated by JLO’s makeup artist that literally created the JLO Glow! I mix the light and dark together to make the perfect color. Looks incredible on legs. I also use it to blend in self-tanner mistakes.

8. Eyelash Extensions –Xtreme Lashes is the number one lash company that all the celebrities use.  It’s all in the glue and training, and Xtreme has the best. Check the website to find a stylist near you. faux mink lashes - no mascara

9. Eyebrow Extensions – Sugar Lash’s Rectifeye is the leader in brow extensions.  It’s still a new service and will only get better.  Individual hairs are glued into place to create a new brow, fill in gaps and scars.  Safe for those going through chemotherapy. rectifeye brow extension





  1. Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcases – Satin pillowcases are perfect for keeping your blowout looking fresh, your eyelash extensions from coming off and could prevent premature wrinkles. Colors range from white to leopard. morning glamour
  2. Anastasia of Beverly Hills – Tweezers – The best tweezers I’ve ever used. It gets even the finest of hairs.  Be careful because they’re sharp.  Men love them because they’re like a high performance tool and get the job done in one shot.
  3. Diptyque – Candles – Very rich and luxurious smells that are long lasting and fill a room up to make it cozy. My favorite is Essence of John Galliano.
  4. Xtreme – Amplifeye Lash & Brow Fortifier – I love this daily lash and brow growth serum because it won’t make your lashes look like tarantula legs or so long that you have to cut them.  This serum really builds the lash up and makes it stronger, a little longer and thicker. If you have any hair follicles in the brow area that need a growth boost, this is the product.  Vitamins, amino acids, peptides and botanicals really make this product a superstar.
  5. The Head Massager – A very silly item that will please everyone. It looks like a whisk that had the ends cut off to open the prongs. Put it at the top of your skull, push down and OMG.  A great way to relax, rev up your energy or a party conversation piece. tingler head massagerSend me your favorite products for the 2015 Beauty Buster Awards and maybe you’ll end up on the list!  Congratulations to all the winners and thanks so much for stopping by. Make sure to leave a comment about the winners to let them know how much you love their products!!