I’m a little late…ok…a lot late to the dry shampoo game. I always thought it was gross and couldn’t possibly work. I have to admit that I sweat a lot when I sleep.  One would think I’m running marathons in my sleep but my big butt tells another story. I have crazy dreams and I guess do some crazy stuff in my sleep, so in turn, I have to wash my hair everyday. There is no blowout that lasts a week or even a few days with me.

At a recent event, I got Oscar Blandi’s, Dry Shampoo Powder. Life changer! I had no idea how to really use it and I was in a rush, so I just put it on my fingertips and smushed it into my scalp in a few different sections. Hello, sexy hair!!!! I couldn’t believe it,  This stuff smells amazing, disappears once you rub it in and doesn’t make my hair look greasy.

The powder absorbed the oil and smell from the night before and I was able to run out the door looking great. So happy!

I highly recommend this to extend a blowout, if you’re away for the weekend or even after the gym and need to go back to work! LIfe happens.

I tried a dry shampoo spray a few days later and it was gross. Not sure if all sprays are like that, but the powder seemed to dry my oily and sweaty scalp to the perfect texture.