Holistic Body Realignment, is a full body treatment that was inspired by Derek Jeter and his injury at the end of the 2012 season. After Jeter’s injury, I began to think about what methods I would use to help heal his ankle in order to for him to return to the field as quickly, and in the best health possible. This also led me to think about other athletes that have injuries that can’t be touched or manipulated, but could benefit from other healing modalities.

I developed a treatment that blends together some of the best non-invasive treatment modalities to give athletes the quickest and most effective healing for strained muscles, damaged tissue, broken bones, pain and mental setbacks. There are no side-effects and the treatment can be modified to be completely pressure free and is complimentary to all other methodologies.

Some of the techniques I use include Japanese Reiki, Thai steamed herb poultice, Egyptian reflexology, Native American burned herbs and pure essential oils to bring the body into complete alignment physically and energetically. Yes, even those athletes with severe injuries can get this treatment to heal faster without the use of drugs and their serious side effects. Because this treatment also works on the mind and dramatically decreases stress levels, it’s perfect for any athlete that is unable to play due to an injury and it’s starting to break their spirit and take them off their game mentally. This is also the perfect preventative treatment for any and all athletes.