Years ago, I was trained how to do eyebrows by the one and only Anastasia of Beverly Hills.  She taught me how to measure each persons face and use their bone structure to get the best shape for their face.  The lightbulb went off, and I’ve been obsessed with brows ever since.  I was her East Coast Trainer for a while and loved it.  I specialize in making brows look natural, as if they were your own brows, not drawn on, too heavy or fake looking.  I can take a pencil and color in your brows so they’ll look great in that super close up Instagram photo but they’re horrible and distracting in real life. Don’t be fooled by those photos.  By feathering brow powder, gels, pencils and tinted brow gels, I’m able to create your best brow and no one will ever know they’re not yours.

InStyle Magazine even honored me with being the Best Eyebrow Shaper in New Jersey.  What an honor!

Watch this video to see how I work my magic.