Xtreme Lash Extension Care

Before your appointment:

  1. Remove contact lenses
  2. Come in with NO eye makeup. Any makeup residue will prevent the lash extension from adhering to the natural lash.


  1. use face wipes to remove makeup or clean face EVER
  2. use oil based products
  3. gylcerine based make-up remover
  4. sleep on your lashes
  5. use oil based eye cream on the eyelid
  6. use oil based eye cream at night if you sleep on your face/side
  7. use creamy cleansers on the face
  8. use cold cream/Vaseline/Baby Oil to remove face/eye makeup/moisturize face
  9. brush lashes roughly from the base

10. get lashes wet/steam/tanning/sweating for 24 hours

11. airbrush tan within 24 hours

12. use waterproof mascara or non-Xtreme mascara over extensions

13. have eye makeup on before application of extensions

14. pull and play with extensions


Best Way To Keep Lash Extensions Looking Beautiful and Long Lasting

  1. Only use Xtreme makeup remover and face cleanser
  2. Sleep on a silk pillowcase
  3. Use the Xtreme protective coating to seal lash bond
  4. Do not let sweat drip into the eyelashes
  5. Remove all makeup before sleeping
  6. Use the Xtreme eyeliners
  7. Only use the Xtreme mascara over extensions
  8. Only place mascara on tips of extensions