NO!! Rosebud Salve claims to have secret ingredients that will do more for your lips than anything else you’ve ever used in your lifetime.  Well if you’ve ever used Vaseline on your lips, than you’ve used Rosebud Salve! Oh, and if you consider Cottonseed Oil, saturated fat a miracle, I’ve got a piece of Yankee Stadium dirt to sell you. No, I really do have some Yankee Stadium dirt from the old stadium. Priceless!

Their secret blend of essential oils might be great, BUT there is no way they’ll ever make it to your lips because the mineral oil, aka Vaseline is such a large molecule that it blocks the smaller essential oil molecule from ever reaching your lips.

So there ya have it. I’ve saved you money yet again! PLUS..hello…what kind of bacterial battleground must be going on inside that tin every time you stick your dirty finger in it.  Enough said!

For a more healing and definitely less greasy lip balm, try Beauty Buster Skin Care’s, all-natural, Crack Spackle with all the ingredients actually listed, no so-called magic, but time tested natural ingredients like coconut oil, lavender, vitamin e and uber-healing meadowfoam and you can get it at

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