As you already know, I’m a big believer in the healing power of music.  Recently, I came across some  CD’s that clients are loving and so am I.

All these CD’s are from the company Paradise Music and I didn’t even realize I had Reiki Gold from them for years which is one of my favorite CD’s to totally crash to!

Reiki Sleep is another CD that is so amazing. I have one client that always comes in for her lash fill with her IPOD on loud enough for me to hear all the songs and words. The other day I put on Reiki Sleep and sure enough she fell asleep within 5 minutes while listening to her loud IPOD.  I was really amazed.  Client after client fell asleep while this CD was on and my stress level fell dramatically as well. The booklet that comes with it gives a really nice explanation of what Reiki is and the chakra system.

tony redhouse deep within


reiki gold

The second CD was Sleep Gold which is extremely relaxing and as a therapist listening to it all day, it gave me  the fantastic ability to focus, remain clear and calm. YES, even us therapists need relaxation! The other cool thing about this CD is the booklet that comes with it explains the 10 most common dreams. From falling off a cliff to sex and being naked. I’ve had all of the top 10 dreams so it was pretty cool to read about what they mean.  One dream I have all the time is going to the bathroom in a very dirty bathroom. I was really excited to finally learn what it meant!

The 3rd and most surprising one was Celtic Dreamer. I love Celtic music, but it can sometimes get redundant after a few hours in the spa.  This one was very light on the Celtic and strong on the Dreamer! I could listen to this all day and actually did.  Sometimes, in the spa,  it’s better to have music that is not too melodic because it becomes distracting and if the client doesn’t like the melody, they get agitated.  This was so soothing, dreamy and enchanting, it made me want to watch Camelot!

The 4th and one of my all time favorite musicians is Tony Redhouse’s, Deep Within.  He wrote this while going through cancer treatments and you can tell he really was going deep within.  It’s really intense and the first cd is only Native American meditation music and the 2nd cd is the same music with Tony speaking affirmations over it.  His voice alone is very deep and can put you in a trance.  There is a reason they say music soothes the soul.