You can see where she ripped off the underpart of my brow and where it is starting to grow back after buying an expensive lash growth serum. So far it has only grown back in spots and now I have to fill in my eyebrows everyday

She actually glued the lashes in my eyelid skin. It is soooo painful

I should have known better, but I couldn’t resist. When something is so cheap that is normally NOT cheap, I heard my mothers words in my head, “You get what you pay for”. I love having lash extensions and have gotten them done many times over the last 10 years. Here I was, without extensions and an Amazing Lash franchise opened up down the street from my job, so I took the plunge. I was shocked at how bad and damaging it was and appalled that they would even charge $10 for this quality of service when comparing to my lash experiences over the last 10 years from different providers.

Here’s an overview and the pictures don’t do it justice!
1. The music is way too loud hip-hop, so every time I started to try and relax, the music would jolt me back and I actually jumped a few times.
2. I’ve never in 10 years had someone tape my eyes in so many places and kept ripping the tape off and placing it somewhere else along my eye. Every time she did this, I flinched in pain from the ripping. My eyes are not so deep set or lashes so short to make this necessary. No one has ever taped my lids like that before.
3. She put tape over my lower lashes, which hurt immensely when she ripped it off. I wanted to punch her in the face. Not to mention she ripped out some of my bottom lashes. I did not go there for a lower lash wax!
4. While applying the extensions she kept resting her hand on my nose and shoving her fingers in my eyeball. I’ve never been so uncomfortable and I had to keep asking her to stop crushing my nose and eyeball!
5. OMGGGGG, the bitch ripped off part of my eyebrow with that stupid tape. Yes, I got my lower lashes waxed and eyebrow waxed at the cheap lash bar. I was fuming when I got home and looked at my lashes. So, I had to go and buy a lash growth serum for $119 and pray it regrows, but hasn’t yet.
6. She was so bad that she was actually putting the extensions INTO my eyelid skin. Wow, this was extremely painful and made my eyelids really red, itchy and swollen by that night,

Needless to say, this cheap lash joint is NOT WORTH THE SAVINGS because you’ll end up spending more to fix what they ruined or damaged. Not to mention, not even one person commented on my lashes like they normally do when applied.

You can see some of the lashes glued into my skin. Very painful, it was difficult to even get my eye open

After all that, I was left with a big gap between the lashes and they were too long at the ends that they dragged my eye down. Instead of getting the traditional lift with extensions, I got droopy eyes

Cheap labor is what is ruining the beauty industry. What they usually do is hire people who have never done lash extensions before and give them a little training (which appears to be bad training as well), pay them very little and bank on the factory mentality of getting people in for cheap and it doesn’t really matter if they come back or not because there are so many other people waiting for a cheap eservice.

Save your upper and lower lashes along with your brows and go to an experienced, licensed professional with a strong clientele that pays full price!