Lora, The Beauty Buster performs services on Madison Ave, New York City and Westfield, New Jersey.
Services and prices vary from both locations. Please mention which location you are booking when making your appointment.

For Jersey Boutique Spa services in Westfield, NJ 973-634-1077– click here www.jerseyboutiquespa.com

Services provided at 274 Madison Ave. 973-715-3826:

The editors choice with all the bells and whistles. Customized face treatment includes DMK Enzyme Mask, facial cupping, LED Lights, Reiki, reflexology with a callous foot treatment 1 hour and 45 min $300

A customized entry into the world of enzymes, in order to start the rebuilding and resurfacing process of the skin with immediate results. Perfect for any skin condition. 1.5 hour $200

6 Layer Peel
A 4-visit peel to minimize lines, hyperpigmentation, scars and soften the skin. $550

Remodeling Procedure (RP)
A 4-visit peel for skin that needs to be rebuilt and remodeled from severe sun-damage, acne scars, lines and other signs of aging. $650

Red Carpet Facial
Facial cupping and a 24k gold, stem cell and antioxidant rich mask leave the skin glowing, lifted and dewy, creating a perfect canvas for makeup and makeup free events. Best done within 24 hours of the event. No extractions. 1 hour $200

Body Enzyme or Body Wrap
Repair, restore and minimize scars and imperfections and minimize the appearance of cellulite. 1.5 hours Price depends on size of area to be treated. Multiple sessions may be required

Booty Lift
Tighten, tone and get cellulite moving out of the buttocks area using enzymes and thermogenics. 1.5 hour $250

Neck, Jowl and Brow, Lifting and Firming Treatment
Firm up the neck, jowls, and lift the brows with enzymes. Perfect for big events where extra tightening is needed. Continued treatments and homecare give more dramatic results 1.5 hours $200

Limited Luxury Facial
The ultimate in luxury when you need deep hydration, using the worlds most coveted antioxidants, herbs and ingredients. Even the Queen of England uses Limited products. A portion of every Limited skin care product goes towards the Harvey Milk Foundation. 1 hour $250


Holistic Body Realignment, aka The Derek Jeter Treatment.
Injury healing for professional athletes.

Holistic Body Realignment, is a full body treatment that was inspired by Derek Jeter’s injury at the end of the 2012 season. I wanted a treatment that would help heal his ankle in order to return to the field quickly, in the best possible health. I blended together some of the best alternative, non invasive techniques for effectively healing strained muscles, damaged tissue, broken bones, pain and mental blocks. There are no side-affects and the treatment can be modified to be completely pressure free and is complimentary to all other methodologies.

Check out some video highlights from The Derek Jeter Treatment!


“The treatment was unique and extremely relaxing. I left with a true sense of calm in my mind and tension had left my muscles.
My shoulder is a typical problem area for me and much of the tightness and pain was relieved by Lora’s treatment.”
~ Lyon Porter, Former Pro NFL Hockey Player

“It was amazing. Lora addressed all the body issues I had mentioned to her and I felt the affect of her treatment while she
was working on me. I would definitely recommend this treatment to other athletes and my clients.”
~ Carlos, Professional Fitness Trainer and Weight Lifter

“After breaking one of my legs in multiple places on from a nasty fall on ice I could not dance any longer and I walked with a
limp for years. After one session with Lora I was shocked to find myself walking without a limp and with much less pain.”
~ Dawn, Former Dancer and Owner of Dore Designs

Working as a hair and wig designer in the film and television industry for the last 15 years my body has taken a beating.
Standing on my feet for 14 to 18 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week leaves my arms, legs and back in a rough state by the time
my weekend finally rolls around. The only person I will allow to heal me is Lora Condon. She is able to restore my body and
allow me to enjoy my off time. I cannot begin to explain the difference in my body, energy and my mind after seeing Lora for
what I can only say is a woman with Magic Hands!

In the past I have tried out several 5 star spas across the country traveling for work and they don’t even come close to
the treatments I have received from Lora. I mention her to all of my celebrity clients but my only hesitation is that she will
become so busy she wont be available when I need her.
~ Jason Hayes – Celebrity Hair & Wig Stylist

1 ½ hours  –  $250

Available in NY or NJ & nationally



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