Lash Extensions are an easy way to look great 24/7. This is one trend you don’t want to miss out on. Lash extensions are like a mini eye-lift and immediately make you look younger and fresher. This is the perfect eye-dea for brides and those who don’t want to apply mascara everyday.

I am certified with Xtreme Lash Extensions and I only use their products to ensure safety and consistency. Many clients noticed that it takes the precision of a skilled surgeon to properly apply lashes. They started calling me the “lash doctor” and the name really describes the technical ability needed for the perfect lash application. Precision, skill and concern for my clients represents the Lash Dr. My clients have appeared on The View, Good Morning America and Broadway.

Call me to discuss how to prepare your lashes for the first application. My blog also gives instructions on how to take care of your beautiful luscious lashes.



Check out this video on applying Xtreme Lash Extensions

First Time Lash Extensions
(65-70 lashes) – $250

Lash Touch Up
$55 (30 lashes)

Glam Lashes
A partial set for those who want a very natural look or just want to try Xtreme Lashes
(approx. 20 lashes) $50

Lashes Anonymous Club
“Buy 5 get 1 FREE when you prepay for a lash package”

Diva Lashes
Un-lash your inner diva with 100 eyelashes per eye. $350

Lash Repair
Correction or removal of lashes that were poorly applied by other lash stylists.
Priced at consultation

Lashes on Location
Get your lashes done in the comfort of your home or office. $350
Touch-ups $150
(travel rates may apply depending on location)

Lash Parties
Gather your girlfriends and get glamorous together. The perfect eye-dea for
bachelorettes, proms and girls night out parties
(prices depend on party details)



It’s crunch time and now you have to look your very best. Prepay for $500 worth of in salon services and get 15% off.
Customize your services to suit your beauty needs.



Holistic Body Realignment, aka The Derek Jeter Treatment.
Injury healing for professional athletes.

Holistic Body Realignment, is a full body treatment that was inspired by Derek Jeter’s injury at the end of the 2012 season. I wanted a treatment that would help heal his ankle in order to return to the field quickly, in the best possible health. I blended together some of the best alternative, non invasive techniques for effectively healing strained muscles, damaged tissue, broken bones, pain and mental blocks. There are no side-affects and the treatment can be modified to be completely pressure free and is complimentary to all other methodologies.

Check out some video highlights from The Derek Jeter Treatment!


“The treatment was unique and extremely relaxing. I left with a true sense of calm in my mind and tension had left my muscles.
My shoulder is a typical problem area for me and much of the tightness and pain was relieved by Lora’s treatment.”
~ Lyon Porter, Former Pro NFL Hockey Player

“It was amazing. Lora addressed all the body issues I had mentioned to her and I felt the affect of her treatment while she
was working on me. I would definitely recommend this treatment to other athletes and my clients.”
~ Carlos, Professional Fitness Trainer and Weight Lifter

“After breaking one of my legs in multiple places on from a nasty fall on ice I could not dance any longer and I walked with a
limp for years. After one session with Lora I was shocked to find myself walking without a limp and with much less pain.”
~ Dawn, Former Dancer and Owner of Dore Designs

Working as a hair and wig designer in the film and television industry for the last 15 years my body has taken a beating.
Standing on my feet for 14 to 18 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week leaves my arms, legs and back in a rough state by the time
my weekend finally rolls around. The only person I will allow to heal me is Lora Condon. She is able to restore my body and
allow me to enjoy my off time. I cannot begin to explain the difference in my body, energy and my mind after seeing Lora for
what I can only say is a woman with Magic Hands!

In the past I have tried out several 5 star spas across the country traveling for work and they don’t even come close to
the treatments I have received from Lora. I mention her to all of my celebrity clients but my only hesitation is that she will
become so busy she wont be available when I need her.
~ Jason Hayes – Celebrity Hair & Wig Stylist

1 ½ hours  –  $250

Available in NY or NJ & nationally



4 time “Winner of National Spa Week Award”


Magic Hands Skin & Body

“Personalized Quality”

By Lora Condon

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If you have tried all the big, impersonal spas, then you’re ready for the most personalized spa experience you’ve ever had. My goal as your skin care specialist is to develop a fully customized treatment plan especially for you.

Your skin is the result of everything going on inside your body. A fully customized consultation on your skin care regimen as well as lifestyle and diet is taken into consideration before the facial begins. Try a different facial every month in order to look your best all year round. From all natural green facials to high-tech ultrasound facials, we have it all.

The ultrasound machine uses sound waves to deep cleanse, penetrate products and stimulate collagen. This is the next step in skincare without having to do surgery or costly laser.

We only get one skin to live in, and that’s why I only use the best, result driven products on the market! I offer the world famous Belgian line Nelly De Vuyst, the trendy, American made Phoenix Rising All Natural Skin Care and Dermalogica which has a full range of products treating acne to aging.

Please let me know of any special requests to make your facial more enjoyable!



Now you can have the same sparkling white smile that is offered by Trump Towers Las Vegas, Canyon Ranch and Ritz Carlton Spas. Whiter Image Teeth Whitening is a great way to get an instant 2-6 or more shades whiter immediately. This whitening system is less painful to your teeth as well as your wallet than the dentist’s whitening. This is a great confidence booster before an interview, date, meeting or anytime you need a pick me up. Perfect for sensitive teeth and gums.

Take home the whitening pens for super long lasting results!!

15 minutes yields 2-4 shades whiter $69

½ hour yields 4-6 shades whiter $99

45 minutes yields 5 or more shades whiter $150 plus a FREE teeth whitening pen

Check out this video on the teeth whitening process


FACIALS (Buy 4, Get 1 FREE)

New York Location

Anti-aging and Deep Cleaning Facial – Includes extractions, reiki, Young Living Essential Oils on the spine, arm/hand massage $145

Call Lora at 973-715-3826 to book your appointment.
20 West 20th Street Suite 603, New York City 10011

Sedona Vortex Energy Facial – Renew your skin as well as your spirit as I use healing rocks from a Sedona energy Vortex. This anti-aging facial combines the use of aromatherapy, music and Native American organic herbs to create a glow from the inside out. Take home a free handcrafted gift from Native Americans in Arizona. $80

Drill Baby Drill – Lets go drilling for oil and deep clean clogged pores. Ultrasound, enzymes, peels and extractions galore. No pore will be left untouched. Your skin will feel fresh and clean. $90

Botox Baby with Ultrasound – Firming without the needles! This is a great facial for anyone looking to remove layers of dead skin, lighten sun damage and minimize fine lines. Ultrasound waves shake loose clogged pores, and carry anti-aging products deep into the skin for long lasting results. Botox like peptide serums and creams will reverse the signs of aging and restore a youthful glow. $100. Add a peel, $20 extra.

Rice Crispy Oxygen Blast – Put some snap, crackle and pop back into your skin. This oxygen foam will feel like rice crispies tickling your face, as it penetrates the essential oils and creams layered underneath it into your skin. This facial will brighten and clear up any skin type. If your skin feels dull and fatigued, this is the cure for you. A few minutes of reiki will also help to reduce stress. Finally, Young Living Essential Oils will be placed on your spine to further the reduction of stress from the inside out! $95.

Cleopatra – If your skin feels as old as a mummy, this occlusive thermal mineral mask that covers your face and neck will turn back the hands of time. This is a great facial for firming and anti-aging. While masking, enjoy some Egyptian inspired reflexology and reiki. 1 ½ hour, $140

Pumpkin Pie Peel – You will really feel the peel with this facial. The pumpkin enzymes will dissolve clogged pores and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and plumped. Extra attention to extractions or anti-aging depending on your skins needs. To make long term changes in your skin, or for rapid results, I recommend doing the peel once a week for 4 weeks. $100.

Quick Bliss – A deep cleansing mini facial using ultrasound to tighten pores and leave the skin glowing. ½ hour $50

Eye Opener – Rejuvenate and revital-eyes the most important area of the face. This intense eye treatment uses ultrasound, peptides and the finest antiaging ingredients. Reduce puffiness, fine lines and discoloration. 15 min. $25



Waxing is a true art form. If you’ve ever had a bad wax, you know exactly what I’m talking about! I offer full body waxing for men and women. I use the speed waxing technique to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Eyebrow recovery and shaping is one of my favorite challenges. I was personally trained in L.A. by celebrity eyebrow guru, Anastasia of Beverly Hills. While working for her, I taught women from Toronto to Pittsburgh how to reclaim, fix and tame those brows. I have found that Cerepil stripless wax and Nelly De Vuyst sensitive skin wax give a smooth, silky result.



Please ask about waxing if you have any questions. Do not ever wax if you are using AHA’s, Accutane, Retin-A, Glycolic Acid or prescription medication on the area to be waxed. Please let me know if you are using any of the above items or anything else that might remove your skin along with the hair!

Area Price
Brows $20
Lip $8
Chin $8
1/2 Leg $30
Full Leg & Bikini $70
Basic Bikini $25
Beyond Basic Bikini $50+
Underarms $15
Stomach Line $10
Sides of Face $10
Mens Back $50
Mens Chest $50
Mens Bikini $30
Mens Beyond Bikini $50+
Mens Brow $15
Mens 1/2 Leg $40
Mens Full Leg $90


Whether it’s gentle, healing reiki, or a detoxifying body wrap, you’ll find it at Magic Hands! Combine 2 or 3 treatments for a truly inner and outer body experience.

Around the World in an Hour – If you don’t have time for a cruise, don’t worry! This treatment covers it all. Start with Swedish style application of warmed oil, followed by Japanese Reiki, Egyptian inspired reflexology and Native American Raindrop Essential Oil treatment on your spine. Say Bon Voyage to stress. $90

Detox on the Rocks – Did you party too hard the night before? Do you need to lose a few pounds before a big night out? This aromatherapy treatment will detoxify and leave you feeling lighter. I’ll use my hands and some warm stones to apply an exotic blend of essential oils. You’ll get wrapped in a warm blanket to penetrate the oils and drift away. A guided visualization CD will detox the mind as well as the spirit. Once unwrapped, an application of essential oils on targeted areas completes the detoxification process. Hour and 15 minutes $125

Sole Food – The sole-lution for tired aching feet. A gentle cleansing and application of pumpkin peel to get rid of the dry skin. Enjoy reflexology and reiki on your feet. An application of Young Living Essential Oils is followed by an organic foot balm to complete the process and leave you walking on air! ½ hour $60

Raindrop Therapy – This Native American treatment was developed to heal, detoxify and purify the blood stream and body. This treatment is a must for those who are exposed to a lot of germs, stress and back problems. Great for the OCD person! Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are placed on the spine and feet, while a guided visualization helps induce relaxation. Reiki helps to induce sleep and lower stress levels. Native American incense seals the deal! $90

Reflexology – Egyptian inspired reflexology includes warm towels around your feet, pressure points massaged and reiki to induce a deep state of relaxation and detoxification. The session is finished with Young Living Essential Oils on your feet. ½ hour $60


Reiki – Think Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid! Feel the heat from my hands warming your soul. This is my specialty and one of the treatments I’m known for. Ill place my hands on your chakras and pay more attention to areas where you have injuries, pain or problems. At the end you’ll feel refreshed and more focused. ½ hour $50

Power Nap – Need a place to hide from your boss or recover from a long night? Inhale some relaxing Young Living Essential Oils and then lie down and listen to a guided visualization CD that will slow down the brainwaves, to promote a deep sense of relaxation. While you’re napping, enjoy some reiki. ½ hour $30

Sexy Back – Bring sexy back with this exfoliating and hydrating back facial. Great for anyone who gets break-outs or is showing a lot more skin! Electric high frequency helps heal and prevent future bumps, ½ hour $50

Knot Today – A mini rub down to target knots, sore muscles and tightness. ½ hour $50



Check out my makeup portfolio found on my website. I love doing makeup and some of my work has been featured in Ladies Home Journal,
Olive Garden and Burger King Commercials as well as Good Morning America and Staples.

Make-Up Lesson (In Salon) $100
Make-up Application (In Salon) $50
Day of Wedding Make-up (In Salon) $150

Please call for out of salon prices.


Lash Tinting $20
Brow Tinting $20


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