Certain-Dri-Featured certain dri dryLiving an active lifestyle and trying to look cute down the Jersey shore in 80% humidity, calls for an anti-perspirant with super powers. I’ve been on a lifelong search for the most effective cure to sweating, stains on my shirts and constant pulling on my shirt to get some air to cool down. My search brought me to Certain Dri. I’ve heard of this company before and a few friends raved about the products, so I had to try a few of the products.

The three products I picked up to try were the Clinical Strength Roll-On, Clinical Strength Solid and Everyday Strength Certain Dri AM. I used all 3 to see the difference and see if one was better than the other. I’m so happy to report that all 3 were amazing and I swear I felt like they worked even after swimming in the ocean.

I was so surprised that after sitting on the beach and playing volleyball on the beach, I did not smell and was no sweating on my underarms. This was so surprising, I had to check the ingredients and box to see how they worked so well in comparison to my last anti-perspirant. There is 12% aluminum chloride in the roll-on and 25% aluminum sesquichlorohydrate in the solid and 17.8% aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex glycine in the AM formula. I prefer solids and have been using that one the most. I used the roll-on at night, because I do sweat a lot at night. It was great to get more sleep and not have to run into the shower every morning. When I put the roll-on at night, I used the AM formula in the mornings I didn’t shower.

I had no idea these were the strongest over-the-counter formulas at stores and I believe it now. They even provide up to 72 hours of protection, and I can vouch for this, even under humid circumstances and my crazy work schedule. I liked that there wasn’t a strong, overwhelming fragrance that is stronger than my perfume ,
which also makes it great for men and women.

If you’re looking for more info or where to buy Certain Dri, aka, these really effective anti-perspirants, go to, www.certaindri.com. They’re also Cruelty Free, which means I’ll definitely be rebuying them.